Audubon Park - Featuring a fire truck, swings, slides, shelter and much more!  

Park Rules:
* Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.
* No food or beverages on the playground equipment.
* Please clean the shelter area after use.
* Not responsible for accidents.
* No Pets Allowed

Audubon Baseball Field, Located at 5th and Falcon

Donated in Memory of Mr. & Mrs. EA Cincush

* Recreational Area
* Concession Stand
* Playground
* Parking Area
* Restrooms


Audubon Softball Fields - Located at S.W. 8th and Falcon

* Three fields - 2 dirt, 1 grass
* Parking Area


Lake Park Audubon Elementary Playgrounds - Located at 601 4th Street

* Two play areas with equipment for all ages.

* Large grass lot with shelter.


Lake Park Audubon Nature Area

* 40 acres of nature with walking paths, wetlands, natural growing areas, and learning spaces!